Friday, August 22, 2014

Restaurant Review - Soupbox in Chicago

12 Soups? Are  you challenging me?

Yep, 12 soups daily. Yes, it was August and it really wasn't necessarily a soup worthy day (the next day certainly was, Brrrr) but I love soup. It was mid afternoon and time for a snack. Lobster Bisque in a bread bowl was divine.

Now we have soup placed in Detroit and the suburbs, and one does similar bread bowls and daily soup flavors, but hands down this was the best lobster bisque I have had in quite a while. Very smooth, no chunks, and just packed with flavor. The bread was pretty darn good too!

I will make sure to visit next time we are in Chicago. I'm sure there are other flavors I would like (I did taste a chilled butternut squash while I was there that had promise) and it sounds like we just need to make a winter trip to really enjoy this further!

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