Monday, August 4, 2014

Book Review: Once Upon a Time There Was You by Eizabeth Berg

A Long Divorced Couple Comes Together

On their wedding day, both John and Irene had second thoughts but went through with it. Those second thoughts of hesitation grow through the years and they end up divorced, living separate lives with a span of distance between them, both figuratively and literally. What they keep in common in their love of Sadie, their 17 year old daughter.

Sadie is becoming more independent as she readies herself to move out and go to college. Each parent has a different philosophy about how to interact with her but they must come together when she disappears. John and Irene put their differences aside and rediscover why they may have (initially) liked each other in the first place, before they ended up being so angry.

The book was  an interesting read in terms of dynamics. Having a daughter getting ready to leave the home is something that I could identify with at least with watching my kids growing so quickly before my eyes. I had a difficult time with the part when Sadie disappeared and almost put the book away as I felt the horror of these parents and did not want to read that portion. Watching parents that had been embittered for so long come together was also a nice touch.

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