Monday, August 25, 2014

Book Review: Lethal by Sandra Brown

I'm Glad I Decided to Try This One Again

I had started this book a few months ago and put it down. The reason was I thought it was going to be very graphic in the violence and I had just finished another book that had been very violent and involved children and I just couldn't do it again right then.

Because a few months had passed, and I was held captive on a train for a 6 hour ride, I tried this again as it was easily accessible. Lethal does start with a threat of violence when Honor's little daughter informs her mother there is a man laying in their backyard. When Honor goes to investigate, she find Lee Coburn, a fugitive on the run after being accused of viciously murdering seven people, including one of the town patriarchs.

Lee promises Honor that if she does exactly what he tells her to do, he won't harm her or her daughter but there is more to the story. Lee picked Honor's house for a reason and he is looking for something.

This is an exciting book and does not have the violence that I thought it might in the beginning. I don't really have a stomach for brutal treatment of little children and this book did not go in that direction. It was very engrossing and made the long train ride go much faster. I enjoyed the ending as well.

In some ways, without ruining it for potential readers, it has a similar them to Labor Day, another really enjoyable book.

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