Monday, August 4, 2014

Book Review: Annie Dunne by Sebastian Barry

Beautifully Written Book in Wicklow Ireland in 1959

This book is beautifully written, almost poetic, as Annie Dunne tells the story from her perspective as a young grandniece and nephew spend the summer with her at the farm she shares with a cousin. Annie is not exactly a happy woman but does seem to shine with the task of caring for the young children.

There is a lot in Annie's life that gives her room to complain or stress. Annie is a proud and often stubborn spinster who often comes off as rough or aggressive but hearing the story in her words, the reader discovers that she is full of insecurities and is worried that she will be cast off again, after a history of taking care of others, starting with her father and then a succession of others over the years.

The story does not really go anywhere except to provide a telling of the small window in time of the summer with the children and all the feelings that Annie may have difficulty expressing in words to those around her. However, it is a beautiful little slice of life that the reader can wholeheartedly embrace from a time past. The voice itself sounds genuine and from the time period/place where Annie Dunn is from.


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