Sunday, August 3, 2014

Book Review: Roses by Leila Meacham

A Saga of Two Warring Families and the Tragedies They Leave Behind

The roses are a nod to the heritage of two families in Texas, descendants of the Lancasters and Yorks, and the War of the Roses. This tale spans the life of Mary Toliver, an heiress to a Somerset, her family's cotton plantation, that becomes her lifeblood, often turning away those who love her or would help her, in order to keep her family's history alive. Mary is a character that you love and root for her but I was often frustrated with her single mindedness and her inability to see beyond the land and her lover for it.

Percy Warwick is the son of the other prominent family in town, heir to a lumber empire, and of course he loves Mary more than anything in the world. Mary is too spunky and independent to see the value in merging families if she has to give up Somerset and therefore makes decisions that impact both the couple and their families for generations. It is only after Mary's death that the mystery is completely unraveled for Mary's grandniece and Percy's grandson. Will they repeat the same history or learn from it?

I may have made this book sound too melodramatic but it's a very good read. It has a plot like those television miniseries in the 1980's with characters that are passionate and troubled but who you root for despite the tragedies that they create for themselves. Recommend!

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