Sunday, August 3, 2014

Book Review: Midnight Rose by Lucinda Riley

A Detailed Tale of One Woman's Journey Over a Lifetime

Anahita Chaval's story takes place in a novel that spans a lifetime and beyond, with a mystery to be unraveled by her great grandson, Ari, after her death. Anahita's story begins in the palaces of the Maharaji and travels the world through England and World War I.

As a poor girl related to the noble class, Anahita does not have the opportunities or the resources of some of those around her but through a series of events becomes the dear friend of a princess and lives in the juxtaposition of two worlds. So begins the tale of a woman with intelligence that is often not able to follow the destiny that she would have chosen as she is bound by tradition, the class structure of Indian, and then similar social constructs of England.

Anahita's life is full of tragedy and the story is often heartbreaking. The readers learns alot about her journey, and the quest that she charges her grandson with, through flashbacks into the past that we discover along with him. In the present day there is an American actress who is also important to the story and the twists and turns that are encountered as Ari learns about his great grandmother's secrets.

This is a wonderful book on so many levels. The story gradually unfolds and the different perspectives of the characters provides a rich tapestry into the past. Recommend!

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