Thursday, August 28, 2014

Book Review: Pictures of You by Caroline Leavitt

Can You Build a Relationship on a Tragedy? Can You Forgive Someone for an Accident that was not their Fault?


These are just some of the questions that come up in Pictures of You.

Two women from the same small town, in some act of fate or something else, end up on the same road two hours from home. Both are running away from things in their lives and end up in a tragic car accident that leaves one dead. The survivors must deal with the aftermath. . . This includes Isabelle who must live with killing the other woman, Apryl, as well as Sam who is a witness to his mother's death.

Of course they are not the only ones impacted by the accident, Apryl's husband Charlie is trying to pick up the pieces for both himself and his son. He questions what his wife was doing with a suitcase on a road so far from home and why their son was with her when he should have been at school. . .

Through a series of interactions, both Isabelle and Charlie find themselves attracted to one another. Equally important is the bond between Isabelle and Sam, who thinks that Isabelle is an angel that can connect him with his mother.  Is there a way to get past the hurt and grieving, as well as blame, to make this work?

This story really is fascinating and the characters are drawn by the author well. While at time it could get a little sappy I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.

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