Sunday, June 15, 2014

Orange Porch

I know that for years now, we have heard that Orange is the New Black.

I just want to go on record that orange has been my favorite color for years. 


You might ask me to demonstrate it and I do have proof. Let's see, at our former house, our front door was soft orange, along with our bathroom (think construction cones), and another shade was featured in the kitchen. My vehicle, a Jeep Wrangler, is painted "Crush", reminiscent of soda with the same name. My hair is also sometimes called orange even if I am really striving for more of a copper. . .

So when looking at our house, I thought we should add some color. While it's a beautiful and classic look, it wasn't quite us. We added color with furniture on the porch but something was missing. Looking at the paint covering the porch floor, we decided it was time to touch it up and it seemed easier to just paint it a new color.

I really do think the orange porch just adds a bit of pop, and still stays true to the classic colors of slate gray and white that really is timeless.

Our front door was wood but it was very distressed and not necessarily in a good way. At first I thought about refinishing it but realized that the interior side was already painted white to match the foyer. And while I love orange so very much I decided against an orange front door this time. I would have had to go a couple of shades darker than the porch and I really didn't want an autumn sort of feel. Instead, I tried something completely new and picked a complimenting color. I thought the "mermaid green" added a nice little splash.


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