Sunday, June 29, 2014

Book Review: Faithful Place by Tana French

Thrilling Ride!

Part of a series but was great as a stand alone.

After reading this book, and really enjoying it, I went to find out more about this author. I discovered this is the third in a series called "The Dublin Murder Squad" and would definitely read more of these!

Faithful Place is where Frank Mackey grew up as a young boy and ran away from as soon as he could, twenty two years ago. On that fateful night, he had plans to run away and elope with his girlfriend Rosie. She stood him up with a note and he left on his own.

Since that time, he has avoided most of his family members and for good reasons. Now he is forced back into the heart of it when he finds out that perhaps Rosie did not jilt him that long ago night. Her packed suitcase is discovered in an abandoned house and Frank must wonder why she would have left it behind and his detective skills come into play.

This book is really wonderful. We watch Frank struggle with the family he left behind and negotiate with the detectives officially assigned to the case. This is a great read. Highly recommend!

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