Sunday, June 29, 2014

Book Review: February by Lisa Moore

An Enduring Love Story Documenting Grief

Helen O'Mara loses her husband when an oil rig goes down in Newfoundland during a winter storm. Over the years, she returns to a "normal" life and manages to raise 4 young children on her own. While on the outside she appears strong, and is as she navigates through life, on the inside she is still grieving for Cal throughout the years.

This story weaves the past and the present together, alternating between the storm that rocked the local community with the loss of many of the men, Helen's struggles to return to normalcy and raise her children, and the present as her adult sons calls her with a life changing event.

While this story was definitely sad it was interesting to hear Helen's story from her perspective and to watch her journey through love, grief and hope. The story is beautifully told and the historical backdrop of the Ocean Ranger tragedy, as well as the harsh life in Newfoundland, was wonderfully descriptive.

Great Read.

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