Sunday, June 29, 2014

Book Review: Look at Me by Jennifer Egan

This Book is a Wild Trip!

For whatever reason this book reminds me of the writing style of Chuck Palanhniuk and was reminiscent of his work Invisible Monsters. Both stories feature fashion models and have the edgy writing and intertwined tales and relationships that leave the reader hurrying through to figure out how it all ties together.

The central character is Charlotte, a successful model that never quite reached superstardom. In recent years she had been relagated to commercials for products such as toothpaste and modeling in catalogs. Her life changes when she survives a horrible car accident and has her face completely reconstructed along with other injuries.

Charlotte has lost her "look" and is completely unrecognizable to her friends and associates and has to start anew. How that works for someone who's whole identity is how they look and how they live and how they socialize is the crux of this story. Charlotte sets about to redefine herself with many struggles along the way and eventually comes to find the internet may be the ticket to a new chance to maintain her fame.

There are many other characters in this book that are intertwined with Charlotte including a mysterious man named "Z", a depressed mousy teenage girl, and a college professor with bipolar disorder. They are all interconnected in many ways and this story is like an onion with many layers and complex personalities.

I found this book very interesting and a energetic read but I will tell you that I didn't actually like Charlotte much at all. I don't think she would have worked as a sympathetic character anyways and her being shallow is very important to the story.

Good read, recommend!

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