Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Book Review: One for the Money by Janet Evanovich

Fun Read!

This book is a quick read and doesn't take itself very seriously which was really delightful. Apparently this is one in a series and I will be looking for the sequels which include Two for the Dough, Three for the Get Deadly. . . You get the picture.

Stephanie Plum, our heroine, narrates this book and speaks quite candidly about her struggles to make ends meet after losing her job. Desperate to stave off an eviction and find herself some income to support herself, she reaches out to her cousin Vinnie for a job. Vinnie is a bail bondsman who gives her a job to recover a fugitive for $10,000. While this was not Stephanie's first notion, she thought she could work in the office, she sees this as an opportunity as a means to an end and sets to work. However, Stephanie does not know the first thing about bond recovery, or how to fire a gun, or how to find the fugitive, etc. etc.

So this makes a fun story about learning on the job as Stephanie learns the ropes with a baptism by fire method. We get a host of other interesting characters in Stephanie's life include family members, a man from her past, and some interesting fellow bounty hunters.

Good read.

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