Sunday, June 29, 2014

Book Review: Maybe this Time by Jennifer Cruisie

Romance and a Ghost Story to Boot!

Yes, let's start by saying in many ways this is indeed a formulaic romance book. The premise starts with our heroine Andie Miller wanting to completely separate herself from her ex that she divorced 10 years ago by returning the uncashed alimony checks he has faithfully sent to her. He is a remote successful man and she left him when he concentrated on the family business. She is a non-conformer, an independent spirit, who never fit into his family.

You can see where this is going. . . of course she still loves him, even if she's engaged to another man. North Archer, the ex, is really not as cold as he seems and longs for her as well. . .

But this story has other elements and it really was a delightful quick read. See, when Andie shows up, North has a proposition. He needs a nanny for his two young wards stuck in an old rundown house in Southern Ohio that he can't get to but have gone through a succession of other caretakers after their father and aunt died. There are rumors or legends about ghosts and a haunted house but of course North Archer dismisses that.

Andie goes down to meet the kids for a temporary arrangement and gets more than she bargained for as the ghosts begin to interact with her. She learns a lot about the house and why the kids are going through caretakers.

This story really is a fun read and the romance was entertaining as well. I recommend it. Ghosts and humor plus the romance? It's a great combination.

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