Saturday, June 29, 2013

Book Review: Horns by Joe Hill

I Have Read a lot of Books but Nothing Quite Like This Before. . . 

This book brings humor to the macabre, the gospel to evil, and was a fun little ride. Ig waked up from a drunken binge and finds he now has horns growing out of his head. This is a culmination of a very very bad year. At one time Ig had it all, or so it seemed. On the eve of a promising future (he's in love with a girl and he's about to embark on a dream job at Amnesty International) the world comes crashing down. His girlfriend is dead and he's suspected of savagely murdering her. He is barely getting by in life and he's the town's paraih.

Ig has some new superpowers that come along with the horns and is slowly transforming into a devil. It's time to figure out what really happened to his girlfriend and find who is responsible. When you can make people tell you their innermost thoughts and secret desires, you can find things out.

What a wild ride! The book transports you back and forth, from when Ig was on top of the world and a popular guy, to his descent, as well as his redemption. I really liked this book and found it very unique and fun.

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