Sunday, June 9, 2013

Book Review: Bastard Out of Carolina

A Harsh but Beautiful Look at Gritty Life Down South

Ruth Ann, known as "Bone", lives in the rural south and it's not a romantic tale. This book is brutal and honest and you can't help to root for both Bone and her entire family. The book starts with the tale of Bone's mother repeatedly trying to get the red stamp of "bastard" off Bone's birth certificate. She is determined that her daughter will not grow up with labels and is her biggest advocate. Anney Boatwright is a young idealistic woman at that time and demonstrates a tenacity that she instills in her daughter.

The circumstance of the Boatwright family's existence makes life challenging as the years go on. Anney becomes a woman that is continually presented with obstacles that change her, hardening her and forcing her to make decisions in what she thinks is the best interest of her family. For Bone, these decisions have some very significant impacts and she struggles to find her own way through life's tragedies while relying on the love of family to get there.

This book was really wonderful. . . Bone narrates the entire story with spunky wisdom and a completely honest portrayal of her feelings of those around her. I really loved this book.

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