Sunday, June 2, 2013

Baconfest 2013 - Oh Yummy!

Last night was the long anticipated 2nd Annual Baconfest at the Farmer's Market in Royal Oak, Michigan. About 30 vendors showcasing delectables that all feature bacon. If you love bacon, or even maybe just like bacon, how can you go wrong?

It was a wonderful event, with both tried and true favorites along with come more experimental or conceptual dishes. At some point in the evening, I went from trying everything to being more selective (I know what pizza with bacon tastes like, I might was well save some room for a doughnut fried in bacon fat with a bourbon cream).

The lighting was dim (really very nice - little Christmas style lights were strung across the ceilings, bringing a nice warmth to the venue) so my photos on the IPod are not really stellar quality. The notion of carrying around a huge camera while balancing little plates of food as I strolled about did not seem ideal. At this type of event you really have to be ready to jostle and negotiate to make sure you get to try all the tasty treasures. I'm apologizing for the lack of good photos but I'm going to be okay with it.

Mac Shack "Bacon Made Me Do It"
Mac and Cheese
When you try so many different types of food you have to have highlights. I have learned from this event that you find new restaurants and food products to try in the coming year while you wait for another event like this. For instance, at the first annual event last year, I discovered both One Eyed Betty's (which became a favorite restaurant in our house) and Treat Dreams Ice Cream (another local haunt for us). This year was no different and I think I have a short list of places to try.




1. Hands down, the best booth of the night was from Ocean Prime with two(!) wonderful samples. There was a pork belly braised with coca-cola, over a bed of white beans. The juice from the meat made those little beans taste delicious and that was some of the most tender pork belly I have ever had with a sweet smoky taste that can't be beat. I already have ideas for my next pork belly adventure at home (I'm thinking cherry coke and hoisin). I will definitely be visiting Ocean Prime for some upcoming special occasion as this is another excuse to try them (I am very interested in their truffled deviled eggs which I tried to celebrate in a previous blog). Ocean Prime also had this wonderful little dessert - a petite round of bacon buttercake with a scoop of bourbon bacon ice cream. This was such a wonderful balance of flavors.

2. The Produce Station in Ann Arbor made a baklava with bacon, apricots and pecans.
Pork Liver Pate with Aspic
You had to like baklava to like it (which I do) and ti gave it a really interesting taste without being overpowering, kind of adding a savory to the sweetness. They also had a pork liver pate nestled on an aspic jelly concoction that I loved.

Begniettes from Gastronomy
3. Gastronomy in Southfield featured Bacon Begniettes with a Bacon Maple Cream. The pastry was a wonderful light and eggy dough and the addition of the bacon (more was crumbled on top) was so delicious without being overpowering. This was a favorite of all of our group.

4. Green Lantern Pizzeria's Bacon on a Stick. This is a tried and true favorite that I can get anytime even when it's not Baconfest but it's still delicious. Skewers of bacon, candied with a little heat. Mmmmm good. That I can get them any time I want should not diminish the tastiness of this dish!

5. The Meeting House in Rochester served a beautiful little strip of Focaccia flavored with rosemary and bacon, topped with whipped ricotta cheese and peach bacon chutney. It was delightful.

6. Rock City Eatery in Hamtramack made these elaborate sandwiches that were really works of art
Lamb Belly Sandwich
with lamb belly with glaze and a creamed cheese of some sort. They were beautiful and oh is lamb belly worth a try!!!

7. One Eyed Betty's served little Pork Belly Bahn Mini. I will definitely try the full size one at the restaurant (although I'm in love with their seafood po boy).They were wrapped like little treasures in aluminum foil.

8. Treat Dreams featured two flavors with extra bacon goodness in honor of this event. Nuttin' Better than Bacon, with Peanut Butter Ice Cream, Nutella and Bacon and Maple Bourbon Bacon. Both delicious and available on a rotating basis at the store.

There were other delicious items too and I could go on an on although there was plenty I didn't like either. When there are so many choices you can be picky!

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