Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday Night Dinner Out on a Sunday Night = Baconfest!

So tonight is a Saturday night even if it's Sunday due to MLK tomorrow. Sunday night is free pinball after 6 at One Eyed Betty's in Ferndale. The kids must have looked pretty pitiful or just extra cute because when they went up to the bar to break a 20 spot at 5PM they were told "it looked like 6" and they turned the machines on for them.

The showcase dish for us at One Eyed Betty's is an appetizer called "Bacon with a Side of Bacon":

Bacon with a Side of Bacon at One Eyed Betty's

So what exactly is this wonderful dish? Well there's bacon (of course) and also pork belly. Slow roasted, melt in your mouth, flakes as you cut it, pork belly. Accompanying these piggy dishes is an panko encrusted scotch egg and arugula. If you cut into the egg before it cools, you have yolky golden goodness to drizzle on the plate and it's wonderful. Yep, new word, "yolky".

They have many beers to choose from. When I go there I typically get a sampling of whatever hard cider they have available. Today's pick for me was McKenzie's Black Cherry Hard Cider and it was delicious! Just a hint of cherry, not overpowering, so you could taste the bite of the sour apple. Good stuff. What I love about One Eyed Betty's is that they serve each beer/drink in one size and they pick what kind of glass based on the drink. So in this case my cider was in a tulip glass (14 oz) but other imbibements come in pilsners and other assorted sizes including the firken (consider this the "mother load").

Other dishes for our dinner includes beer cheese soup (a staple), a Po Boy with shrimp for me, a Bacon Betty Burger, and a steak sandwich. Andrew decided to forgo his typical grilled cheese (which is one of the best around town, with a side of tomato jam) to be more adventurous - and remember this blog is about food adventures - to try an appetizer of Pork Belly Poutine for dinner. Fresh cut fries, cheese curds, pork belly confit (yes more pork belly but this was with a slight BBQ sauce) and poached egg. He didn't want to be too hard core adventurous so we ordered the egg and gravy on the side. He reports it was pretty tasty. We were so involved in this dish that we forgot to take a picture.

Good thing I ran today at the YMCA and did some strength based training too. . . One Eyed Betty's is very very close - like so close you can't miss stopping - to Treat Dreams. Treat Dreams is famous for exotic and new ice cream flavors and Sunday is the beginning of the new rotation. Sunday Breakfast was available with . . . yes, you got it. . . bacon! Waffles, bacon and maple syrup. I don't think I need to say anymore. Let's keep in mind that tickets for general admission to the 2nd Annual Baconfest aren't available until February 1st.

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