Friday, July 1, 2016

Restaurant Review: Super Taco at Tienda Mexicana

Nothing Fancy but SUPER Tacos

See update below 7/7/16:

Years ago, a friend took me to a Mexican grocery store in Pontiac where you navigated through the aisles until you got to the back of the store where there was a makeshift restaurant serving tacos. I have found something similar, and just a delicious, closer to home in Madison Heights.

This discovery was somewhat of an accident. Vietnamese food lead us down this path? Confused? I would be too!

1. I love a Vietnamese restaurant in Madison Heights called Pho Que Huong (sound that out phonetically, it's fun!) and we order take out from there quite often. Pho at home can be slightly less fun without a large Pho bowl to eat out of rather than a plain old bowl from the kitchen stock. Henry, who is a constant there as the owner's son in law and chief operator of this fine establishment, recommended the Chinese Supplier down the street in another strip mall for a bowl as that is where they get their stock.

2. Well Tienda Mexicana is next door to the Chinese Restaurant Supply.

3. Related to all of this my teenage son recently discovered Jarritos, Mexican Soda, and we figured that Tienda Mexicana would probably have some. We explored Tienda Mexicana another day and then saw the left side of the store was really a taco restaurant called Super Taco.

Phew, I'm already tired explaining all of this. Vietnam, to China, to Mexico. That's the summary and it's all food related! Much like my life.

I kind of scoped out the taco side the first time but waited until another trip for Jarritos to try them. My daughter is much more adventurous than the male members of our family. We actually tried more than just the tacos but I am going to say that if you are going to go here that would be why. These are reminiscent of the ones I had in Pontiac and nothing like we traditionally visualize as tacos. . . Two small corn tortillas are "stacked" with the cheese in between, and then topped with the meats and cheese. Now of course Super Taco also provides other toppings such  as onions and cilantro but we are not huge fans of said items. It's also important to note that they have beyond the traditional mains we think of as "meats" and also offer chorizo and tongue tacos. I will be trying more varieties beyond chicken and beef soon.

Speaking of chicken, for those who regularly read these posts, you may recall I'm not a huge fan of this as a protein. Super Taco did a good job despite me being predisposed to hating chicken. They shredded it and added some super yummy spices. Beef was still my favorite and I highly recommend you try it. Tender wonderful beef, perfectly seasoned. The lime wedges and radish are a nice touch.

This isn't fancy, the tables are just plain old tables jammed in there, but you won't be sorry you stopped here. I'm jonesing for one right now. You can also order some Jarittos, right in a glass bottle, for your drink.

Try it. You won't be disappointed. End note, the Jarrito's website says that their soda is "super good" too. Lol.

Updated 7/7/16:

During this week of a "staycation", a trip to Super Taco was in order. We added a couple more items to our list, including a tamale (pork with red salsa) and a chicken quesadilla. Both were excellent!

I am not exaggerating when I say this was the best tamale I have ever had. Hands down. Many of these are really dry but this one was super moist. And while I don't like salsa all that much it was the perfect mix, right into the filling, along with delicate moist shredded pork. Seriously, after eating at a sit down Mexican restaurant tonight I can really appreciate just how good this enchilada was. . .  Did I mention it was $1.50?!!!!

The quesadilla is not something I would typically order but my daughter did and I stole about half of it from her. As I have mentioned in the past I am not a chicken fan but this was also very moist and shredded with spices that gave it just enough kick without overpowering it. The tortilla was fried without being overdone, and there was a generous portion of cheese in there. We ordered a small and I woudl be afraid to see how big the large is based on the size of this one. 

Summary: If you haven't tried Super Taco yet you should. I should have eaten there tonight instead of going to a sit down. Ugh!!!!


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