Saturday, July 2, 2016

Book Review: An Echo in the Bone (Outlander Series) by Diane Gabaldon

Still Trudging Along but we are Picking up Speed

The Pace is Getting Faster

I have been reviewing these books in what seems like forever but I'm determined to see this through the end. While some of the books (3-5 for sure) really draaaaag at some parts, I have been much happier with the more recent ones. I do have to say that the author's pace is often sporadic, going from really detailed and long passages about certain portions of the plot to breakneck speed to speak to a part in the story that seems to really need a lot more. I feel like we race and then brake. . . and it doesn't always seem to make sense or seem justified when it seems like a pivotal point in the story and we only get a few pages on it.

For instance, in this book, Jamie and Claire return to Scotland and that would be an important point. However, we aren't there long. I was happy to avoid pages and pages about the travel but actually returning to Lollybroch should have been more detailed?

I'm already into book 8 - Written in My Own Heart's Blood - and this one has a completely different style. I do know that this is the last one I will have for a while. I'm not sure I even know how to pick out a book to read anymore as I've been on this train since September 2015! While I don't think this is even writing when you look at these books as a whole I highly recommend sticking with it through those books (3-5) to get to this point. I think it's worth it. One last review when I get #8 done and then waiting for Book 9!

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