Sunday, November 22, 2015

Book Review: Voyager (Outlander Series) by Diana Galbadon

And then there were three. . . 

The binge reading continue. I've already reviewed Book 1, Outlander, and Book 2, Dragonfly in Amber. From what I understand, this third book may have been at one point the culmination in a trilogy but perhaps because this series was so wildly successful, Galbadon continues on. Right now there are 8 books in this series, with an anticipated 9th on its way. Additionally there are novellas and a Lord John Grey series that have also been published.

Voyager focuses on Claire's return to Jamie and the past. They are reunited and have to become reacquainted while they also have the typical trials and tribulations that continue to plague them. After all, Claire and Jamie can't live happily ever after. Twenty years have gone by and there's a lot that has happened to both of them in that time.

This book is about rescuing Iain who has been kidnapped by pirates, and they travel to the Caribbean to find him. Most of this book takes place on ships rather than land, and there is a host of new characters to deal with as the adventure continues.

I have to say that there are part of this book that are rather slow. I can only stay interested in life on a ship for so long, and reading about Jamie's sea sickness. I also think that sometimes characters reappear in the story that are beyond what you would call an "unrealistic coincidence" but ultimately I really did love the story and have already started #4, Drums of Autumn.

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