Sunday, January 10, 2016

Book Review: Drums of Autumn (Outlander Series) by Diana Galbadon

Book #4. . . 

. . . I am trudging along and I'm really up to #6 right now but I'm not stopping and often lose track where one books ends and another begins. Think of a very long story that continues to go on and on. . .

That probably doesn't sound as enthusiastic as it could be, does it? As I have said before, the first book continues to be my favorite and while I love Jamie and Claire, there are days where I have to say that I have to take a break from them. It's kind of like family; after a long weekend or vacation you might want just a few minutes to yourself.

Galbadon does branch out a bit by really giving us a little bit of a more intimate portrayal of Brianna and Roger in this book. Brianna goes back in time with news of the future (in the past) to warn Jamie and Claire of impending danger. While in the past I have not really been all that fond of Brianna, in this book we really get to know her a little better and she can hold her own as a character to tell a story. However, Galbadon now alternates between telling the story from Claire's view, in first person, but telling the story from Jamie, Brianna and Roger's perspective, in third person which can sometimes be annoying.

While I really do love Jamie most of all, I really could do without the author continuing to describe his hair and the colors it takes on in the light, as well as all his scars, as Claire continues to go in great detail in her adoration about her husband. It's almost as if the author wants to rehash certain elements in case the reader is coming in the middle of the story and hasn't started in the beginning with Outlander. If that's the case, put a huge warning sheet at the beginning of each book telling new readers to go back!

I have to make this a "book worth reading" because it's important to the overall storyline and is a must to continue with the series.  Seeing Brianna reunite with her father, set with the backdrop of the Early American history, is interesting and gives you more characters to love. I am just going to say that Outlander is the best and could stand all by itself.

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