Thursday, September 3, 2015

Restaurant Review: West Texas Barbeque Company

Texas BBQ

Comfort Food without any Frills

We went off roading today near Jackson, Michigan which was an excuse to try this BBQ place. It was featured on Under the Radar and it was on the list for a future road trip.

This is Texas BBQ. Dry rubs and smoking with wood. There is no use of charcoal or gas, and the meat is never basted with sauce. Sauce is served on the side at the table for your own dipping. This place boasts about the smoke ring on their meats and we definitely did see it on the brisket, a pink layer right under the char.

There is no decor at this place and it's fine. Maybe it's even part of the charm. The building has a some seats, as well as a small gravel lot outside. You order at a counter and then sit down and wait for your name to be called. The prices are very reasonable and there are some basic sides to pick from as well as a variety of meats. You can have a sandwich or a platter. We ordered a Polish Sausage sandwich, and platters with turkey, brisket and pork shoulder. We also had a side of mac and cheese, cornbread, and a chocolate chip cookie.

The sandwich was very tasty. I think it might have been my favorite item even if I didn't order it. The meat really took on the smoke and had a great texture, with a really soft bun. The brisket was also very
good, although I prefer it to be a little more fatty and my cut was probably a little leaner. My daughter loved the turkey. I did not really like the pork shoulder as it was a little bland.

The macaroni was a big hit. It was definitely homemade and featured a good amount of cheese. The cornbread was on the sweet side and not too dry. I would definitely recommend that as well.

While the meat comes dry you get your choice of sauces on the table. The Hot was not as spicy as I anticipated and really was the best choice. The Big Un's sauce was a vinegar base with a lot of pepper and was tasty but very watery in texture. I like my sauce to be thicker to cling to the food.

Would I drive again to Jerome for this BBQ? I don't think I would make a specail trip as I still think the Woodshop is the best. They also make their meat with wood and dry rub so I guess I'm spoiled. I really like the array of sauces that they offer. I will say that while Woodshop is lauded for the mac and cheese, West Texas was better in my opinion.

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