Thursday, September 3, 2015

Restaurant Review: Detroit Burger

Burgers in Clawson

Branded Buns? Cool!

I love a good hamburger. While I write this post, I am thinking about some of my favorite places to get them and it could be a blog article all on its own. There's The Porker at the Woodshop, the Korean at Green Dot Stables, and for just a good bar burger, there is Field of Dreams.

A good burger starts with a good mix of meat and topped with cheese for it meet my standards. Rather than ketchup I like a Russian Dressing. Old Detroit Burger Bar has those components and it's local.  Clawson is their latest location and while I haven't been to the other ones, it looks to be the same menu. The restaurant is definitely a bar, but family friendly. Televisions line all the walls and there are multiple options to watch. On this particular night the Little League World Series was on along with pre season football and major league baseball. Blue lights provide some ambiance and the lighting is a little dim rather than too bright.

We started with nachos. There was nothing special about the nachos and I would skip it next time. The chips were on the salty side but had a generous portion of meat and cheese (we skipped jalapenos, lettuce and tomatoes). I also ordered a frozen margarita which was quite good for a slurpee version and I would definitely order that again. I have to say that so many times I find that they leave off the salt on the rim but here they remembered (go figure, I don't want salty chips but I do want a salty drink)

The Burgers are named after Detroit Landmarks. I wanted to order the Ambassador, with corned beef, Swiss cheese and Russian Dressing, but they were out of corned beef. I hear it was Wrigley's which is really very good (they have it at Green Dot for a slider). So instead, I ordered a burger with cheddar and Russian. There are a few options in terms of sides. Stick with the waffle fries, they really were the best and quite good. Onion rings are also offered but we didn't try those.

Verdict? This is a decent burger joint and close to home. If you are a purist and looking for a 1/2 pound of quality beef, cooked to order, this might be your place. For more exotic fare, I would still recommend Green Dot and Woodshop.

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