Saturday, November 29, 2014

Another Steampunk Candelabra!

I don't seem to like regular candlesticks.

Okay that's not completely honest as I do have some traditional candlesticks flanking both side of the mirror above our mantle.  I also have a few different arrangements for candles that range from items I have been coerced into buying from Partylite, to other items to display votives ranging from Ikea to Home Goods.

All that being said, I am a sucker for antique scales. Recently I did blog about a find from a local flea market that I called a twist on the candelabra. I will readily admit that this was inspired by a local restaurant called Local Kitchen that has rows of them on the back wall. There scales are more the traditional kind of scale you envision in an old kitchen with the single platform but I had found this double, more industrial scale that I thought would look great on our dining room table instead of you know, a traditional candelabra.

But I have been on the hunt, this entire time, for a single platform vintage scale. I have scoured countless flea markets, antique shops and garage sales to find the perfect one.

Well today was the day. We were on the hunt for a fireplace grate and stopped off at Eastern Market to explore the antique shoppes they have there and I found an assortment of old scales. I am a little particular, that's why it has taken so long, and I quickly discarded the cute one that must have originally been for formula or baby food, as well as the postage scales. But I found this beauty that I will keep in our kitchen, on a wooden buffet.

It really was hard to resist buying more than one, and lining the whole buffet with them, but really I have to be a little practical. We actually use the surface of our buffet as storage space, with a burled wood basket for things like garlic and ginger, as well as the occasional avocado, and have a basket for breads and other fine baked goods. I also believe in keeping that Kitchen Aid mixer out so I don't hesitate before baking because I have to do weight lifting and weird yoga poses to pull it out from a bottom cabinet.

I'm thinking that this weekend has a "fire" theme. We also collected firewood and stacked it in the backyard, after converting our fireplace back to wood burning. Our other purchase today was an old vintage dairy box to keep kindling in. Hmmm. 

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