Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Restaurant Review: Comet Burger

It's a Royal Oak Classic

No frills, just burgers, shakes and all that jazz. . . 

It's Spring Break and there are certain local traditions we partake in when we are out of school and work. Comet Burger is one of them. Many folks go for a conventional milkshake but I really am a fan of Chocolate Coke. Chocolate Coke? Yes, you heard me right. Chocolate syrup added to Coca Cola. It creates this great fizz and there's nothing quite like it. Put it in a classic red coke plastic glass and I'm a sucker!

Of course there are burgers. They are really a larger version of a slider and they are offered up with pickles and steamed onions. Our family is more purist and request plain with cheese. Fries are also an option, as is onion rings but there's a certain young man who lives with us who forgoes all of this for a side of mozzerella sticks.

The burgers are okay in my opinion but I much prefer a grilled cheese. I think that a grilled cheese on a grill that has cooked decades worth of burgers had a wonderful flavor. Nothing fancy here, just white bread in its most synthetic form, along with some American cheese which is probably labeled "cheese product" in all honesty. And honestly, it's delicious! This is a burger joint with stools at a counter. This is not supposed to be a gourmet dish.

I also really like the fried mushrooms which probably come out of a package (I shouldn't say "probably" they of course do. . . ) but because they are deep fried they really border on awesome. Add a side of ranch and it's really all about the mushrooms for me. I could have probably even skipped that grilled cheese.

The decor is 50's diner with an eclectic collection of album covers as wallpaper. This place hasn't been updated in years but I still think it's fun and a great place for a quick meal. I'm looking forward to slightly warmer weather. We can't wait for the two picnic tables to return outside.

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