Friday, April 4, 2014

One Small Change

No, it's nothing noble but rather just a toilet seat. I just think it makes all the difference.

I haven't typically posted home photos unless they related to food but this might be a public service announcement for those with boring white toilets. You see, when we moved in, our toilet also suffered from the doldroms. An all white toilet standing like a big blob in the bathroom. The toilet seat was old and hard to clean, scratched from efforts in the past, and was just gross. We needed a new one but I thought a black one would be better, especially with the black trim in the bathroom.

I envisioned the old retro look of an elementary school bathroom but found out that those toilet seats, the ones that don't make a complete circle, did not come with a lid. A google search did not reveal any real examples of people who had made this switch so I just did it.

It's actually kind of hard to find a black toilet seat. You can't find them at the local big box stores in stock. Visiting a local specialty plumbing supply I found out I could get one but I would be paying close to a 100 dollars. Amazon however had quite a few varieties including the one we chose. I suppose in the world of toilet seats, this one is pretty deluxe. It has a whisper quiet feature that you cannot physically slam it. It also features a special mounting that I can life the whole thing up off the toilet to clean so there's nothing stuck in the hinges.

Posting this so I can pin it for others!

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