Sunday, February 23, 2014

Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich

Sometimes Dinner should just be something easy. . . 

I got the original recipe for these Monte Crisco sandwiches from Foodie Crush through my wanderings at Pinterest. I had some Eggo Nutrigrain Waffles already in the house, as Target recently had them on major sale. We actually have quite a variety right now but since that particular flavor is my favorite I had a box stored in the chest freezer downstairs and when I saw this recipe I figured I had most of the ingredients already in the house with the exception of shredded Swiss cheese.

Quite honestly, while the concept  waffle sandwich is not exactly new in our house but this was a little more elaborate. My kids have been having waffles with butter and syrup but then adding a slice of Muenster cheese on top and melting it in the microwave for a few seconds for years. Sweet and savory all in one. Sometimes if there's bacon in the house they add that as well. We did this years before McDonald's McGriddles.

Back to the sandwich. . . We used honey ham in one of those packages and I already had some Trader Joe's raspberry jam in the house from a previous recipe. I like when we can make more than one thing from packages so we have Chicken Cordon Bleu schedule on the menu for this week to use the rest of the ham.

I made our sandwiches in our cast iron skillet that I was given by a friend when her mother was downsizing to an apartment. It's been in use for years and really seasoned and I think it's my best new gadget in the kitchen. I just put a lid from a pot on top as they cooked. 

Feedback from the family was mixed (it typically is in most instances). 2 out of 4 Hendrens liked it just the way it was, 1 may have said that she would have even liked a little more jam on that sandwich (she will remain nameless). The balance of Hendrens wanted more meat and less jam as they thought it made it a little too sweet. We will customize them next time. No sugar was sprinkled in this house during the dinner.

So general recipe - based on the original - to make 4 sandwiches:

8 Eggo Nutri Grain Waffles
Honey Ham, thinly sliced
Shredded Swiss Cheese
Raspberry Jam
4 Eggs
1/2 cup 2% Milk
Butter pats for skillet (4)

Beat eggs and milk together in a bowl. Set aside.

Spread a thin layer (adjust to taste) of jam on one waffle, top with ham and cheese. Add another waffle on top. Repeat with remaining waffles so you have 4 sandwiches.

Heat up skillet with one pat of butter on medium heat.

Dip first sandwich in egg mixture and place in heated skillet. Cover with lid and monitor closely. Flip when browned. Put on plate to cool when both sides are browned and repeat with remaining sandwiches.

Eat while warm!

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  1. Interesting idea - not sure I'm ready to try it though!