Sunday, February 9, 2014

Chess Pie - Just a Pie?

Another Treat from Eastern Market!

Just a Pie? I think not! 

Love Pies is one of those vendors that is routinely at Eastern Market on a Saturday. I finally had the opportunity to try it (there are so many vendors and treats to choose from that I have to ration myself). Love Pies has a lot of other treats - in pie form - to choose from. There is egg custard pies, sweet potato pie, and on this Saturday there were also some banana custard tarts which I have to admit I also purchased. To be fair in my self proclaimed rationing, I then adjusted to purchase a smaller size Chess Pie.

Chess Pie is a custard pie but there is a story to the name that the gentleman was kind enough to share. I think, based on my reading today, I was speaking to Allen Love, Donnie (the baker) Love's husband. Mr. Love explained that Chess Pie is the name the Northerners gave the pie when they brought it from down South. In the South, people often went up to the cook and asked what was going to be for dessert. The cook would respond "Just a Pie" which the Northerners heard as "Chess Pie". He told the store in a much more eloquent way than I can!

Regardless, this pie is the bomb! Dense custard and a crispy sugary top layer this pie is wonderful.

The banana tarts were also delicious. They were a lot like Banana Cream Pie but with a richer filling.

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