Sunday, March 22, 2015

Book Review: Seduced by a Pirate by Eloisa James

Quick and Fun Read


Because I often don't research a book beforehand and read them without any preconcieved notions, I'm often not sure what I'm going to get. In this case it was simple and fun quick read. Now let me be clear, this book isn't going to win any Pulitzer or Nobel Prizes. It is not going to change your life or give you a powerful message, it's simply going to be a quick little story with much of the standard ingredients for a romance book. 

Sir Griffin Barry is a pirate with noble blood. He left England the night of his wedding, a wedding he did not even consummate due to some extenuating circumstance, and began the life of a Pirate on the sea for 14 years. Now, it's time to return, to his past life and his wife. He must remember his wife somewhat fondly since he named his ship after her and has a tattoo under one eye but it's not clear if she will share his feelings. Apparently there is a companion Novella, The Ugly Duchess, that is about his partner in crime (his cousin) who also shared his pirate adventure with him. I may check that one out as well.

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