Sunday, September 21, 2014

Restaurant Review: Poppycock's Traverse City Michigan

Thai Sweet Corn Cakes

That's what it's all about.

Years ago, Poppcock's was part of the annual fall pilgrimage to Traverse City. On my very last trip there (more than a decade ago), there was a dish listed on the specials that I have thought about over the years. Now for some, the idea of thinking about a dish for that long may seem strange, but I blog about food so clearly I really love it. There were these wonderful corn cakes (think fritters) with a spicy peanut sauce. This was years before I fully developed my love for Thai food but I thought these were the bomb.

When I found out I was going back to T.C. for a work conference, I checked to see if Poppycock's was still around. I was pleasantly surprised to find out not only was the restaurant still there (and a fixture to locals) but the Thai Sweet Corn Cakes were now a regular dish on the menu!!!! While we tried many different dishes (that's the joy of going with a large group, I am starting off with this one because it did not disappoint after so many years! It was just as good as I remembered it. Sweet corn friend in light fritters, with a spicy peanut sauce, over a bed of field greens. They also paired it with fried zucchini and yellow squash. I hope I don't wait another ten years to have it again!

Well, you know I didn't start with these corn cakes. Of course there was an appetizer. Bahn Mi Dirty Fries. Oh yes, they were decadent. Sweet potato fries, with pork belly (and you know I affectionately call that "meat candy"), with daikon radish, carrots, jalapeno, julienne cucumber, cilantro, and Siracha sauce. Oh, it was good. The fries were on the soft side but the crispness of the carrots and cucumber balanced it out. And the pork belly was extra uber yummy.  Good good stuff.

So that was the sum of my meal, with the addition of dessert that I also partook in. Milk Chocolate Mousse with Coconut Cookie Crumbles. A light and airy dessert because frankly, I should have been done eating.

So that being said, remember I went with a large group? Oh the joy of passing dishes around! And people really got into the picture taking of all the food. Here are the stars:

1. Oahu Fish with bacon wrapped shrimp. I can't recall the sauce but it also came with green beans. Isn't it pretty! The diner raved.

2. Parmesan crusted whitefish. Fingerling potatoes. Grilled Asparagus. This was also delightful.

3. Grilled Sea Scallops with a sauce/glaze with root beer! Over potato croquettes. I would have never thought of all that but wow!

 4. Honey Chipolte Brisket with more sweet potato fries. Topped with Honey Chipolte au jus and red pepper pesto. Another winner.
5. Ninja Flat Iron Steak, marinated with ginger and sesame. Drizzled with soy and plated with an avocado salad, along with some more squash. Delicious!

There was also a Greek Quinoa salad and a hamburger. Those were also polished off.

And yes, I have to admit I tried several desserts besides my own. They were all delicious but by that time I couldn't even think about more photos of food.

There's a reason this is a staple in Traverse City. Yes, you should go there.

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