Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sunday Cocktails: Jamaican Screwdriver

Brought to you by the Ninja Inspiration Guide!

I have wanted to buy a blender to make breakfast smoothies for quite a while. The reality is that often when rushing to work in the morning the kids don't get a nutritious breakfast and there is one particular one that may not even want to eat breakfast. We have been looking for a while for something a little more powerful than a conventional blender because those just haven't done the job for us. I was holding out for a Blendtech or a Vitamix but saw a package at Costco last weekend for the Ninja system that came with the full size blender pitcher, three single serve cups, a food processor and a dough hook. Can't beat that for $149!

We made a really great smoothie with banilla yogurt (Trader Joe's) with frozen strawberries, banana, vanilla whey powder and honey. Last night we had orange juice, milk, frozen strawberry slushies for dessert and today we have banana date peanut butter milkshakes for breakfast.

Now of course having a blender like this has some other benefits not necessarily related to nutrituous endeavors. This can be a giant slurpee machine! This can make frozen cocktails!

So for the first experiment in the Ninja we decided to follow a recipe to the letter before we move forward with our own recipes. We started with the Jamaican Screwdriver on page 13 and it was delicious! FYI their idea of 2 servings for any recipe really equates for about 3-4 normal cocktail servings (or smoothies as I have come to find out). Vodka and light rum, with orange and pineapple juices with ice.

I'm thinking we will do a frozen sunshine margarita next!


  1. I'll be stopping by for the margaritas!

  2. They are quite good. Let me know!