Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Cocktails: Hummer Ice Cream Drinks

Garnished with Cookie Wafer Straws and Crumbled Oreos courtesy of Jill!

This episode is brought to you from inside the house. . . 

It's raining here. Really torrential with hail and the whole nine yards. I should mention that at 4PM it was fine but by 5 (cocktail hour this week) it had already started pouring and the sky turned green.

Our plan for today were Hummers and we decided it didn't matter. After all, Jill went out and braved the storm to get us ice cream. How could we change our minds? An investment was made! She also bought these really delicious cookie wafers and some Oreos to make them works of art.

I will caution anyone that follows a recipe that our original version was WAY TOO STRONG (3 oz of O'Mara's Irish Cream and 3 oz of Barcardi Rum per drink) so for the recipe I'm sharing here I have cut back the alcohol to a more manageable level. Feel free to add more but I like to taste the ice cream too.

Hummer Milkshakes

Per Cocktail:
1 oz O'Mara's Irish Cream
1 oz Barcardi Rum
3 cups of Vanilla Ice Cream (we were health conscious and used Slow Churned which is supposedly 1/2 the fat and calories?)

Mix all ingredients in the blender. Put in glass. Garnish with cookie wafer straw and/or Oreo cookies.

Next week we are planning on making these Florodora Cocktails that I tried at Maggiano's last night. I love anything with Hendrick's and since we have a bottle. . . Stay tuned!

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