Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sunshine - Celebrating Summer

A collection of suns really brighten our outside area

Over the years I have managed to collect all kinds of suns. It really started eons ago, before I even owned a home, in anticipation of one day decorating a kitchen with them all over. I had sun glasses, and sun dishes, and of course lots of suns to adorn walls.

I still love suns, but I'm not necessarily into theme rooms these days, looking more for harmony with complimenting colors (or sometimes contrasting colors) and good pieces that promote style. The suns were relegated to outside duty but I think this really works.

Our privacy fence is functional but not exactly beautiful and adding suns, as well as assorted birdhouses, has added to the overall warm feeling of our outside home.We were going for an inviting area near our deck that would feel cozy.

We also added a couple of funky elements, including some solar lights that look like Chinese lanterns that we hung from the tree (think Giant Christmas Ornaments) and my favorite funky piece. . . a Lucite chandelier silhouette. This was a recent fab find at a garage sale and was originally a display piece at the old Detroit Hudson's department store. When it spins and catches the sun just right it sends fluorescent yellow light on to the panels of the fence and I think it's one of a kind.

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