Sunday, May 18, 2014

Faygo Pop Planter

Garage Sales = Treasure Hunts

I have decided that garage sales may be my new favorite activity. I have dabbled in this throughout the years, especially when the kids were very little as it was a good way to get almost brand new baby clothes and equipment but in recent years I had kind of forgotten about the wonderful things you can find.

This Faygo crate was from this week's expeditions and to be quite honest, I have stumbled across some other ones a couple of weeks prior but they were pricey. To throw a bunch of dirt in it, it didn't make sense to spend a lot of money and the gentleman that I bought this one from seemed to understand, and it was priced reasonably.

Today was "Flower Day" in Eastern Market which meant buying the crate yesterday was part of a master plan. I picked a selection of flowers to add to my box to give it some color but also to tie in with the red "Faygo" logo. I think it came out pretty cool and brightens up our gray and white exterior.

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