Saturday, September 7, 2013

Restaurant Review: The Wooden Spoon

A Gem in Brighton

Local flavors and interesting pairings.

With the end of summer looming near we took the last week in August off and stayed close for some local adventures. After a beach day at Kensington we decided to have an early dinner at the Wooden Spoon and it lived up the hype of the locals.

The restaurant has a really nice patio area to eat outside but the inside is very cute. Local artists are featured. While we were there, there was some amazing work by a fiber artist whose pieces looked like watercolor paintings of people and landscapes. The dining area also shares space with a market with fresh takeout foods and specialty groceries.

Coffee Coriander Charred Sirloin
Deciding what to order was the first challenge. For the kids, it was about all the different varieties of soda. We aren't talking about choosing between coke or cherry coke or perhaps an exotic Dr. Pepper. This menu boasted options from Towne Club and Stewarts to more unusual picks such as Bawls, Fentimans and Sprecher. We did taste the Sprecher Cream Soda and it was very good. And there was Coca Cola imported from Mexico with pure cane sugar and a glass bottle if you wanted the best of the usual.

We started with a bowl of mushroom and brie soup. Yes, brie. It was rich and full of minced mushrooms that gave it an earthy flavor with a little texture to the bisque.

The kids had macaroni and cheese and an order Chicken Tosca strips. I can tell you both were made from scratch, no frozen dishes or powdered cheese. The macaroni and cheese was more "adult" rather than creamy but as an adult, I enjoyed a sample. The chicken was a huge hit. Word on the street is that the grilled cheese is very very good - and that there are adult versions at lunchtime where you can build your own.

Now to the main events. Husband got the Coffee Coriander Charred Sirloin. He loved the sauce and the spicy overtones. The sides were what made it. It was paired with lobster mac and cheese (lots of lobster in it), blistered local beans, and charro sauce.

Seared Tuna and Crispy Veal Sweetbreads

I had the seared tuna (extra rare - I like it to be sushi) with fried veal sweetbreads and creamed collard greens. I cannot stop thinking about the collards. They were so delicious with a smoky flavor in the sauce that I am hoping to recreate. They were cooked but not overdone. The sweetbreads were something I have never tried before but after making tripe a staple in my Pho I was feeling adventurous and I'm glad I tried them. They were delicious. There was also a celery root puree that added a little more pizazz to the plate. This was an absolute delicious meal and I was fully stuffed with this offering!

Desserts were abundant at the restaurant as well with many cakes and pies to choose from, some of them from Zingerman's. While that was nice the main dishes were the stars.

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