Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Breakfast at Crispelli's

The New Breakfast Menu - Choices, Choices Choices

It was the husband's birthday today and he wanted Crispelli's French Toast. We found the new menu on display today, featuring those breakfast sandwiches that we sampled a couple of weeks back. For my son, who really likes breakfast sandwiches and was previously creating his own there, this was a welcome addition to the menu. Rustic Italian style bread, with eggs and bacon, how can you go wrong? There was also a ham and Swiss cheese on a croissant, and a vegetarian option. For those interested in something a little lighter, there are some new "healthy choices" including Greek yogurt with fresh fruit (they specifically mentioned pineapple and berries) with a drizzle of honey, as well as steel cut oats with warm cream and brown sugar, and a lox plate with capers. I also noticed some new calzones, one featuring a corned beef hash that looks interesting for next time.

There are still breakfast pizzas on the menu. This one was prosciutto, tomato, arugula and fresh mozzarella, topped with two fried eggs. I thought the eggs might be a little runny and I could pierce the yolks onto the toppings but alas, they were already firmed up by the time it got to the table. It was no less delicious! The prosciutto was smokey and very good, and the balance with the other flavors was very complimentary.

The French Toast was different today. . . no longer baguettes which at first sight alarmed the family. However, I can tell you it was just as good even with slices of bread as they were dense and chewy. The custard taste and texture is still prominent and it's actually easy to share now rather than trying to cut up those baguettes. Delicious meal!

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