Saturday, April 6, 2013

Eastern Market Water Tower: Perspectives

Photo of the Day

Well I love Eastern Market for the food, especially on a Saturday but there are only so many photos of El Guapo Taco I can take for folks but I will tell you I enjoyed a Korean Beef  and a Pork Belly Confit taco today while others may have had some Adobe Chicken tacos minus pico.

I also love the abundance of fresh produce at a reasonable price. Fresh delicious strawberries for one dollar! Green and red grapes for $1.00 a pound (and we got to taste them first), and Kale for $2.50 a bunch.

While food is always a priority - because you know this is mostly a food blog - I really love to get some gritty pictures when we are out and about. I had photographed this water tower and dilapidated building from the south view previously - near what looks like the remnants of an old road and viaduct - but this was from the west side today. That's the thing about visiting the market; every time as you search for parking you are forced to take new routes and you see things from a different view.

This was my photo from last time:

I really like both images although they have different feels and tones. Sometimes when I come back to a place I see it in a whole new way and that's one of my wonders with photography. You can keep revisiting the same place and see new things.

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