Thursday, March 28, 2013

Yummy Sandwiches!

Thank You Eat Street for Inspiration!

Brioche with Citterio, Mozzerella, Sun Dried Tomatoes and Arugala

I recently discovered Eat Street on the Cooking Channel. I love Food Trucks but this show really takes it to a whole new level. Since we just discovered it, we have many episodes that are brand spanking new to us, even if they are repeats and old to the rest of the world.

Well on one of the many trucks they featured in my marathon this week, there was Italian street fare. Rosa's Bella Cucina on a Roll in Burbank. Who could resist? And then they made this sandwich with meat, fresh mozzarella and sun dried tomatoes called La Mama Angelina! That was an epiphany! Sun-dried Tomatoes on a sandwich! If sandwiches always looked this good I would eat them (I am not a sandwich fan with the exception of some notables).

So here is my version as an ode to a food truck I will never get to visit (well most likely will not visit. . . never say never!). Their version featured prosciutto but I decided on some air dried beef and IT WAS SO GOOD.
This is super simple to make and was quite the coveted / desired lunch all around the office. When you take time in the new lunchroom and start taking photos of your food, people are curious. Put the sandwich on your desk and watch folks come on by to ask about it. . .

We used a brioche for the bread. Brioches are a little richer, with some fair amount of butter included in the dough - it's similar to a good slice of challah but the bun form makes it ideal. We placed the meat on first. I picked out this package of Citterio at Trader Joe's. It was describes a "lean dry air aged beef" which I assume is some beef equivalent to prosciutto but I could be full of you-know-what.

This was followed by equal layers of goodness with arugula (also known as "rocket"), fresh sliced mozzarella, and then a nice heaping of those sun dried tomatoes. Because the tomatoes were packed in oil they added some extra moisture too.

Now my friend Jill tried hers with colorful peppers instead of tomatoes. It was rather pretty, don't you think?

Delicious sandwiches! Next time I think we will make some more and sell them to coworkers. :-)

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