Saturday, March 2, 2013

Seafood Po' Boy

Doesn't it sound fancier or cooler than a "sandwich"? 

I think so! 

My love for a good Po' Boy doesn't come from an actual trip to Louisiana although that is on my "short list" of adventures I would like to have one day. I actually had one locally in Ferndale - at One Eyed Betty's - and was hooked.  This is my version as I can't get it exactly like theirs but for a quick Saturday lunch, it was just fine!

I would have preferred a crustier roll but we had this Coney style hot dog buns leftover from early in the week. What's a Coney style? I had that same question - they are split on the top rather than the side, creating a might good pocket for all this stuff we put in these sandwiches. I toasted them for a bit in the oven to make them a little crustier.


1 package of frozen clam strips
1 package of frozen shrimp poppers
1 Roma tomato
2 pickle spears
Lemon Juice

Cook clam and shrimp according to directions. I would cook a little longer than the package to get them a little crispy and turn them during the middle of cooking.

While this is heating up, chop up the Roma tomato and the pickles and toss together. I use McClure's pickles. They are real crisp and are delicious. I should add that before I had a McClure's pickles I didn't like pickles at all and I will drive out of my way to buy these - as evidenced by my quick stop today to get a jar when I needed NOTHING else at a store but wanted to make this sandwich! Anyways, these are a local business based in Detroit so I'm giving them a "shout out". If you happen to be in New York, they are local for you too as they are also based in Brooklyn!

For the  sauce because we are already using pickles, I made a quick remoulade by mixing equal parts of ketchup and mayonnaise with a squirt of lemon juice.

Assembling the sandwich is easy. I spread the sauce on the opened toasty bun, and then I layered the tomato and pickles on the bottom, added the seafood, and a touch more of the sauce. Good stuff!

Both kids enjoyed this too - although one won't touch mayo and neither will eat the tomato and pickles. They really liked a bunch of fried seafood on a sandwich. They don't get to call it a Po' Boy because of their omissions!

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