Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Restaurant Review: Yuzu Sushi Co.

Fast Food Sushi? 

This is not your average California roll


It was a snowy day in Royal Oak which meant that driving down Woodward, rather than taking the freeway, was a more prudent choice when heading towards Pontiac. I happened to notice a new storefront announcing Sushi and I was intrigued, making a note to come back later. 

Yuzu Sushi Company is in the old “Big Salad” location and is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. I am always up for sushi but this is not what the typical sushi place. This one is quite different. First, it’s more of a take-out place (there is some seating) and it’s kind of like a fast food joint in that you order your items at the counter and they will get them to you quickly. I think of this in line with a subway or Q-Doba in terms of “fast” but not like a McDonald’s where it is really made ahead of time.

There is a lot of variety in terms of items with different ingredients but the mains are classified in three different categories.

1. There is a sushi roll. Call it a GIANT sushi roll. They aren’t how I am used to seeing sushi. Rather than six delicate slices of morsels, these are the size of a good wrap sandwich, split into two equal parts.

2. Sushi rolls can also be ordered as a “bowl”. Think of this like a naked burrito, where the wrap is taken off, and the items are put in a bowl with all the ingredients that make the burrito delicious without the convenience of the wrap.

3. Poke. What is poke? I asked that question and apparently this is the first version offered in Michigan. It’s like a sushi salad, and is of Hawaiian descent and really did look delicious. That’s going to be my next trip.

Carrot Ginger Salad
Of course there are sides which include things like carrot ginger salad, miso soup, and many of the items you would traditionally associate with a sushi joint.  

During my visit I ordered a Unagi Roll but they were accommodating about making changes. The Unagi roll was designed to have BBQ eel, Tamago (omelet), eel sauce, cucumber, carrots and seaweed salad. I hate eel. I love eel sauce but hate eel, so they were more than happy to let me substitute tuna in this roll. It was delicious. 

As I mentioned these are huge and I gave half to a friend. 

Combos are available that include a soda fountain drink and a side. I chose a carrot ginger salad. It was fresh and flavorful but nothing that stood out in terms of any other salad I have had at a sushi place. Next time I’m trying that Poke!


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  1. Thanks for the write up, glad to see that you enjoyed your visit to Yuzu!