Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Book Review: Private Lives by Tasmina Perry

Smart Suspenseful Thriller with all the Glitz and Glamor

This is the second Tasmina Perry book I have read and it was just as enjoyable. Like Kiss Heaven Goodbye, this book showcased the lives of very successful jet setting folks with a character included who is "on the fringe", sometimes looking in but not really fitting into that world. . . It's a successful plot formula.

This story really speaks about the scandals that play out in the newspapers in Great Britain, focusing on the gossip that a well known movie star, Sam Charles, who has cheated on his fiancee. While his personal and professional life takes a nosedive, it's up to his solicitor, Anna Kennedy, to use the legal system to thwart these attacks and eventually look into who set him up for this fall and why.

I have to admit when I started Perry's other book I thought I was just reading a trashy novel with some sex and a lot of glitz, but she surprised me. These are smart reads and reading that she left a successful law career to pursue writing does make sense.

These books are witty and have lots of layers.  They aren't exactly difficult reads but they are fun and have a lot to offer in terms of getting to know a host of characters who are impacted by this scandal. Not everyone or everything is how it seems and there's a lot that goes into an image.

Good read!

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