Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Book Review: Don't Say a Word by Barbara Freethy

A Single Photograph Changes the Course of a Life

Julia DeMarco is touring the venue for her upcoming wedding as her fiancee pressures her to finally set a date to begin their future together. At this hall, she takes a break to escape and comes across a photography exhibition that sets the ball into motion. One of the photographs features a little girl in Soviet Russia, in front of an orphanage. Julia sees herself in that photo, and questions if it could really be her, as she has the same features, and is wearing the same necklace that Julia herself owns from her childhood.

For this girl to be her would potentially shatter everything that she knows and the family she loves. The photographer is dead but has a son that she reaches out to, in hopes to solve this mystery. Alex Manning is shocked to see the girl he saw so many years ago when he traveled to Russia with his father. So begins an adventure that takes Julia far from home and discovers that what is safe might not always be the best, and sometimes delaying a commitment may be for a reason.

This book features romance and mystery, as well as political intrigue.

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