Monday, May 27, 2013

Ode to Almond Joys in Cupcake Form!

Okay so officially they are brownie bites but let's not get technical!

I got this recipe for Almond Joy Bites off Pinterest recently and made them for a "take along" for a lunch we were invited to. I think they were a hit! They were also pretty easy, since you used brownie mix plus a couple of other ingredients (sweetened coconut, condensed milk, almonds, melted chocolate). I followed the recipe exactly so I'm not going to repost it.

I did find that my wrappers (cupcake liners) did not come off as easily as the original poster. I also baked half of the brownie bites in a silicon pan and the other half in metal. Note to self: Throw away that silicone baking pan, things just don't get crisp when you put the liner in and stay soggy! The ones in the metal pans fared much better and really were delicious.

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